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How It Works

How Our Online Vegan Meal Service Works

Vegin' Out is a weekly vegetarian vegan meal delivery service. All vegan meal deliveries are made on Mondays between 10:00 am - 5:00 pm (PST). All vegetarian vegan meals shipped outside of the Los Angeles (So Cal) will arrive via Fed Ex anytime on Tuesdays.  Vegan meal orders for Northern California and Out-of-State (nationwide) will be shipped on Mondays. If a holiday falls on a Monday then the orders will be shipped on Tuesdays. Please allow 3 - 5 business days for your vegan food to arrive under normal weather condition via FedEx.  To guarantee Monday delivery or shipping all online meal orders should be placed by Friday at 5:00 pm (PST). Gluten free and other food customization options available upon request.  All standard deliveries and shipping fees are included. 

Expedited shipping options are available upon request.  This is especially recommended for East Coast orders during holiday season.  Please call us at (800) 420-4927 for details.

How Much Food?

You can get approximately 9 vegetarian vegan meals from our single weekly vegetarian/vegan meal order package. Each order is made up of three 24 oz vegetarian vegan entrées, four 16 oz vegetarian vegan side dishes, one 32 oz vegetarian vegan soup and 5 vegan cookies. You could get up to 3 servings from each entree, side dish, and vegan soup.  A double weekly vegan meal order is two each of all the dishes on the weekly vegan menu. You save close to 10% by ordering for our double vegetarian vegan meal order. Extra entrees, side dishes, vegan cookies and salad dressings can be added to an order a la carte style.

Nutritional information for the weekly vegan menu is available. Just simply indicate that in the special request box during checkout.

Average calories per vegan meal based on one serving of entree and one serving each of two side dishes is between 550 - 680 calories.

How Much Does It Cost?
Single Vegetarian Vegan Meal Delivery Order, Los Angeles (LA) Delivery - $127.99
Double Vegetarian Vegan Meal Delivery Order, Los Angeles (LA) Delivery - $234.99

Single Vegetarian Vegan Meal Shipping Order, So Cal Shipping - $145.99

Double Vegetarian Vegan Meal Shipping Order, So Cal Shipping - $259.99 

Single Vegetarian Vegan Meal Order, Nor Cal & Nationwide Shipping$189.99 

Double Vegetarian Vegan Meal Order, Nor Cal & Nationwide Shipping$360.98

Additional Vegetarian Vegan Entrée(s) - $13 ea
Additional Vegetarian Vegan Side Dish(es) - $11 ea
Additional Vegan Cookies - $6 (5 per bag)
Additional Salad Dressings - $0.50 ea


Customization - Available Upon Request

We recommend receiving the order as it comes with all 8 dishes on the weekly vegan meal plan menu to experience the most variety. If there are ingredients you dislike or are allergic to it is possible to customize your vegan meals. You can substitute one dish for another on the current weekly vegan meal menu. You can subtitute a vegan entrée for another vegan entrée and a vegan side dish for another side dish. The soup is consider as a side dish. Gluten free options available upon request. All changes can be made by typing your requests into the ‘special requests’ text box when ordering.


Is Shipping Food Safe?
Yes shipping food is perfectly safe and is actually a very common practice. We have been shipping our tasty vegetarian vegan dishes all over Southern California for over 5 years and started to ship our vegan meals to Northern California and out-of-state (Nationwide) over a year ago. All Northern California and Out-of-State vegan meals are packaged in vacuum sealed bags, ship with dry ice in an insulated cooler box. Your order will be delivered by FedEx and will not require a signature. This way if you’re not home your delicious vegan cuisine will be waiting for you when you arrive. Be sure to open it up and put your vegetarian vegan dishes in the refrigerator as soon as you can. 
All our dishes are vegan and are prepared with the best, organic, freshest and non-processed ingredients we can find. On average our vegan meals are 85% organic. Each vegan dish comes fully cooked and prepared with heating instructions.  All vegan food should be kept refrigerated once it has been received. To protect the longevity of your vegan meals, we suggest that your refrigerator temperature to be no higher than 38 degree Farenheit and no lower than 35 degree.  Containers can be frozen if you plan to keep food for longer than 7 days.