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Vegans Have Another Option
The vegan meal delivery program called VEGIN’ OUT has expanded its delivery area to include Ventura County. Vegin’ Out prepares meals without meat or dairy while using only whole grains, fresh vegetables, and plant-based sources of protein. The dishes are naturally free of cholesterol and trans fats. Each order (which costs $110) contains three entrees, four side dishes, a container of soup, and five cookies. It’s enough for about nine meals and will last for one week in the refrigerator. Thanks to an agreement with FedEx, Vegin’ Out can ship to any address in Ventura County for $15. Weekly menus are posted online; order by 5p.m. Friday for meals that arrive on Tuesday. Call 800-420-4927 or 310-574-9405 to order or visit www.veginout.com.