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Taking Care of Your Teeth As a Vegan

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With more and more people realizing the value of eating a vegan diet and leading a vegan lifestyle, veganism is not just a trend that will soon come to pass. Rather, people are realizing the mental and physical health benefits of veganism, alongside the advantages for the environment, too. For many people, transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle has an overall positive impact on their day-to-day functionality and well-being.

But like any diet, eating too much of anything can have negative consequences if you are not consuming food in moderation. Being aware of the ways that eating vegan can affect your body is essential to reaping the most benefits from the diet. When it comes to your teeth, there are certain things you should know to make sure that your oral health is in tip-top shape as a vegan.

Calcium: Crucial to Your Dental Health

Just as you want to teach your kids good oral health habits, you should also be aware of the ways that the food you eat is affecting your own teeth. For vegans, it is important to recognize which nutrients you may not be getting enough of as a result of foregoing animal products. Since dairy products are reliable sources of calcium, it is assumed that vegans may find it challenging to get the right amount of calcium that teeth need to be strong.

However, there are many alternatives to dairy products that vegans often consume on a regular basis that can deliver calcium to the body and aid strong teeth. Nuts, fruits, vegetables and seeds are all great sources of calcium. In fact, almond milk is said to have more calcium than regular milk. By getting enough calcium from plant-based sources, vegans can avoid developing gum disease and build strong teeth just the same as any person who consumes dairy products regularly.

Other Dental Problems Associated with Veganism

Additionally, some people believe that vegans are more prone to dental cavities and tooth decay as a consequence of eating and depending on fruits. However, eating sugary fruits in moderation will prevent bad oral health—and this goes for anybody on any diet. While foods loaded with natural sugars or with a high acidic quality may be bad for teeth, it won’t harm your teeth beyond the point of repair. Rather, by remembering that sugary fruits should only be consumed on occasion and in moderate amounts, vegans can still enjoy this dietary staple without harming their teeth.

Thus, eating a plant-based diet is not necessarily bad for your teeth. By choosing the right foods in moderation as a vegan, you can align your diet with good oral health.

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