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Northern California - New Vegan Meal Pricing - Save $44 per week

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Vegin' Out are now able to offer our vegan community or anyone who are interested in a plant based diet a convenient way to get our food at a lower price.  We've found a new shipping company that could provide overnight shipping to better serve our Northern California clients.  

San Francisco, San Jose, Bay area, Sacramento, Modesto, Fresno, Petaluma, Walnut Creek, Berkeley, Palo Alto, Los Gatos, Sunnyvale, Mountain View and surrounding areas will be paying the same price as our Southern California clients.  The weekly vegan meal went from $189.99 to now $145.99.  A $44 SAVING!!!

This is a very exciting news for us.  We are so happy to be able to offer this new lower price point to expand our vegan meal outreach.  Our hope is to continue to find a less expensive shipping solution for our nationwide clients so we could offer the same savings.  We would not be able to do this without your continuous patronage. Please feel free to refer friends and families to our vegan meal program.  As you know, the higher the volume we could ship the higher our buying power would be to obtain better price point on shipping.  Not to mention that you will receive a $25 referral discount or reward when your referral buys from us.

Follow this link to place your vegan meal order - http://www.veginout.com/outside-la-so-cal-nor-cal-...

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