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How to Throw a Vegan Party to Remember?

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Throwing a Vegan Party to Remember

It’s an exciting time for vegans, with a recent Gallup poll showing that one in 10 Americans are either vegetarian or vegan, with both diets being particularly popular among people aged 18 to 29. Of course, there is a big chance that many of your friends are omnivores – thereby making throwing a vegan party quite a challenge. What about thinking big and making your next party one with a mission: enlightening your guests to how truly delicious and nutritious vegan cuisine is?

Make it Easy on Yourself and Opt for Catering

Like all cuisine, vegan food can be either boring or tantalizing to the palate. It all depends on the method and the use or absence of exciting sauces and spices. If encouraging veganism is an aim and you are new to cooking or still honing your vegan skills, contracting a meal delivery service like Vegin’ Out for the occasion is an excellent way to ensure guests tuck into a wide array of delectable dishes. Think a spicy Korean chapchae, a soul soothing tofu cacciatore, oand a soft, newly baked oatmeal raisin cookie for dessert. Once your guests appreciate the real variety of vegan food, they may be inspired to start out with a meatless Monday, or better yet – to embrace veganism wholeheartedly!

Theming Your Party

To add a bit of fun into the equation, consider giving your event a specific theme – one that is either directly or indirectly tied into veganism. For instance, you might ask your friends to come dressed in a veggie-inspired costume, or you might choose Health as your theme. Imagine if everyone came in a 1980s aerobics gear, ready to join you in a Jane Fonda-type retro aerobic class? In addition to the clothing, provide healthy snacks like crudites with yummy dips, as well as smoothies, fresh juice, and healthy gourmet waters. ‘Get physical’ with the music as well, ensuring that no guest remains off your makeshift dance floor for too long.

Make at Least One Treat Yourself

You will have wowed your guests at this stage with catered food, but you might also like to make one dish – for instance, the desert – yourself. Those who are allergic to dairy and gluten will love a vegan raw dessert. Did you know that making your own raw chocolate takes less than half an hour? Or that raw ice-cream made with seasonal fresh fruits is as easy as popping your ingredients into an ice-cream machine? Raw desserts often rely on ingredients like coconut oil, cashew ‘milk’ and dates to replace traditional ingredients. They are nearly always creamy, but if you want to lower the fat content, why not make a raw apple pie? This is as easy as popping a handful of Medjool dates into the blender with enough freshly squeezed orange juice to make a syrup. Pour over layers of finely sliced apples, seasoning with cinnamon and nutmeg if desired. If you want to use a crust for greater authenticity, take around one cup of finely blended raw nuts and use the same date/OJ syrup to pack the mixture down into a pan. Top with apple and a generous amount of date ‘syrup’ so that the layers of apple stick together.

To throw a vegan party of a lifetime, catering is often a great choice because experienced chefs know a variety of techniques and ingredient blends that can make food seem that it isn’t even meatless (something the carnivores among your friend group will appreciate). Experiment with new techniques (including the use of a dehydrator to add crunch to your veggie ingredients) and wow your guests with at least one thing you have made by scratch. This will inspire them to try their hand at a delicious vegan dish when they get home.

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