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Press Release So Cal 2008

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Dan Boissy
Vegin' Out
800 420-4927
Vegin’ Out Expands Home Delivery Service of Fresh Vegan Meals to all of Southern California
Los Angeles, Calif., April 29, 2007 – Vegin’ Out, L.A.’s best healthy, vegan weekly meal delivery service, announced today it has expanded its delivery area to all of Southern California, including the communities of San Luis Obispo, Bakersfield, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Simi Valley, Palm Springs, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County and San Diego.
Vegin’ Out offers a new menu each week based on fresh vegetables, whole grains, leafy greens, and plant-based sources of protein. Each dish is free of meat, dairy, cholesterol and trans-fats. A single order consists of three different entrees, four side dishes, soup, and homemade cookies for dessert; enough to serve nine to ten meals.
Through an agreement with DHL, Vegin’ Out is now able to ship freshly prepared meals using insulated shipping cartons at a flat $15 fee throughout Southern California.

“With this arrangement, customers all over Southern California have a healthy dining option that is more affordable and more convenient than takeout, and has all the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet,” said Dan Boissy, who co-owns Vegin’ Out with his brother Tim. “Our vegan and vegetarian friends outside of Los Angeles have been waiting for this news for some time, particularly those who live in areas where healthy fast food can be hard to find.”

Nutritional chef Tim Boissy heads a culinary team that sources the best and freshest ingredients, including locally grown and organic foods as often as possible. Typically about 75 percent of the company’s ingredients are certified organic.
“It’s been a godsend for me,” said Vegin’ Out customer McKerrin Kelly, an actor, director, personal trainer and coach. “I don’t have time to shop and cook as much as I’d like to, and eating out all the time isn’t an option, so Vegin’ Out is the best of all possible worlds. It’s great food, and it’s in my fridge when I need it.”
Vegan diets contain no animal ingredients (such as meat, fish, eggs and dairy) and have been shown to prevent heart disease and strokes; lower blood pressure; reduce the risk of most cancers; defend against gallstones, kidney stones, and osteoporosis; prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes, and help maintain a healthy weight.
Ordering and pricing information
Orders can be placed online or via phone, and should be placed by Friday at 5 p.m. for delivery the following week. Orders placed for local Los Angeles delivery arrive on Mondays, and orders shipped via DHL arrive on Tuesdays. Because there is no meat or dairy in Vegin’ Out meals, they keep extremely well if refrigerated upon delivery. A single order consisting of nine to ten meals costs $100, and a double order is $180. Shipping costs an additional $15.
About Vegin’ Out
Vegin’ Out, based in Los Angeles, offers Southern California customers a healthy dining option that is more affordable and convenient than takeout, with all the environmental and wellness benefits of a plant-based diet. Vegin’ Out provides a week’s worth of freshly prepared, healthy, delicious vegan meals, delivered to its customers’ homes or offices. Each Vegin’ Out dish is low fat, cholesterol free, trans-fat free, dairy free, cruelty free, and prepared with all the organic and locally grown ingredients as possible. Nutritional chef Tim Boissy founded Vegin’ Out in 1999 and owns and runs the company with his brother Dan Boissy. For more information call 800 420-4927 or visit www.veginout.com.