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Vegin Out Bio

Vegin’ Out, based in Los Angeles, offers Southern California customers a healthy dining option that is more affordable and convenient than takeout, with all the environmental and wellness benefits of a plant-based diet. Vegin’ Out provides a week’s worth of freshly prepared, healthy, delicious vegan meals, delivered to its customers’ homes or offices. Each Vegin’ Out dish is low fat, cholesterol free, trans-fat free, dairy free, cruelty free, and prepared with all the organic and locally grown ingredients as possible.

After running a similar concept in Fort Lauderdale, nutritional chef Tim Boissy founded Vegin’ Out in 2000 with his brother Dan Boissy, a professional saxophonist, and in the beginning ran the company out of their apartment in Playa del Rey. For years, new customers were largely acquired by word of mouth. In 2005, Dan modernized the ordering and delivery process, including enabling web-based orders, and expanded marketing efforts. The brothers also founded Mary Sue’s Cookie Company in 2005, naming it after their mother, and now include fresh-baked vegan cookies with each Vegin’ Out order.

In 2006 Brian Patton joined Tim and Dan as a prep cook. Business grew steadily and in 2009 Tim decided it was time for him to leave Los Angeles for Northern California. Brian became the executive chef soon after.

Vegin’ Out maintains a combined commercial kitchen and office space in Los Angeles, and the vision to provide Southern and Northern Californian and the rest of the country (nationwide) with fresh, healthy, vegan cuisine has been rewarded by sales that have increased 400 percent in the last three years. With this foundation, Dan plans to build a thriving portfolio of healthy and environmentally friendly companies.  

After close to a decade of bringing vegan meals to the Los Angeles and Southern California area, Dan has decided to pursue his true dream which is becoming a musician full-time. Vegin' Out turns it's new leaf to the current owner, Shad Loh. Under the leadership of Shad, she introduced the new insulated cooler bags for the delivery meals in the Los Angeles area and adding new menus to extend the vegan menu rotation from 8 weeks to 12 weeks. This will be done in a gradual process with the goal of reaching the 12 weeks menu rotation by the end of 2014. She also introduces nutritional information for our weekly vegan meals. The nutritional information will be sent to clients who are interested in receiving the information via email weekly.  The introduction of the nutritional information is to help clients who are on a specific caloric count restriction to know how much to consume. Nationwide shipping has just been launched in May, 2014 offering our delicious vegan meals to out-of-state clients.