Renee Olstead - Singer/Actress


Vegin’ Out is by FAAAR the best food delivery service in LA!

Lauren Auerbach

I just got my order and had my first meal and I wanted to say thank you already!!! So far, every bite is delicious and it feels so healthy. I've been a part-time vegetarian for a long time, but have wanted to transition to vegan and wow! If I can eat like this, I'm predicting success :-) I hope to be able to continue with this service as long as my budget can handle it. THANK YOU!!!

Jennifer Bradley - Ruff Riders Pet Rescue

I can’t tell you how much I look forward to your weekly deliveries. Everything is so good (especially the cookies…they’re always the biggest hit) and I don’t have to wonder whether or not the food is fresh or nutritious. The menus you provide are more balanced and varied than I would be able to cook myself, plus it doesn’t cost more than what I would normally spend on groceries, take out and restaurants during the week. So thanks again for what you do…you do it best!

Tiffany - Singer


Vegin' Out is YUMMY! This service ensures healthy eating for someone with hectic schedule! Definitely comes in handy during filming, as you always have great meals ready to eat...no matter what bizarre time of day you might be on set! The Lemon Thyme Shortbread Cookies & Cucumber Mint Salad were personal favorites!! XOXO TIFF

Chuti Tiu - Actress


I love Vegin' Out. They make being healthy and vegan a yummy, fun experience... and simple to boot! I can't wait for my next order!

Spags - Electric Violinist


Vegin' Out has saved me! As a professional musician, my schedule is anything but normal. I am constantly running from one thing to the next and if I didn't have Vegin' Out, I probably would not eat! I definitely don't have time to cook and refuse to eat fast food or tv dinners. Although I am not a vegan, I have been a vegetarian for most of my life. So, when I discovered Vegin' Out, I instantly became hooked! It's way better than Whole Foods. TASTES GREAT! SUPER EASY! AFFORDABLE! Even my meat-eating musician friends love it! I ALWAYS FEEL BETTER on the weeks that I east Vegin' Out. I have more energy, my mood is very stable, and I can eat as much as I want and never gain a pound, in fact I actually lost weight! You should try it....I'm just sayin'.

Corey Allen Jackson - Composer


Vegin' Out has made my dietary change to vegan painless and simple. It has not always been easy to eat right when scoring a movie. Vegin' Out has changed all of that. The food is delicious and simple to prepare.

Khama Anku - Life Coach/Author/Speaker

One word...AWESOME!

Lawrence Ziese - Green Landscape Architect

When I was suffering from diverticulitis in school due to a diet related illness, I discovered Vegin Out and started ordering their food. My health improved dramatically in over a few weeks. To this day I consider their food not only healthy and nutritious, but life saving.

Yogi Times - Monthly Magazine dedicated to a Healthy Lifestyle

Looking for healthy home cooking, but don't have time? Try Vegin' Out, a convenient and affordable weekly meal delivery service. Enjoy a wide variety of vegetarian meals that are organic, tasty and balanced for optimum health. A single order provides lunch and dinner for 5 days!

Treehugger.com - Web Magazine

Vegin’ Out is a vegan meal delivery service that is affordable and downright delicious. The concept is simple: order all of your meals for the week, have it delivered and enjoy. All their ingredients are made fresh and are mostly organically grown. Also what’s great is that their menu changes on a weekly basis so you don’t have to worry about the same meal over and over. Can’t break free from your desk or daily routine? Vegin’ Out delivers to your office as well with take-out containers from NatureWorks that are 100% corn-based. Their goal: to assist you in creating a healthy and nutritious lifestyle by delivering low-fat, cholesterol-free meals.

Melody Beattie - Author

When Codependent No More hit the New York Times bestseller list, my starving artist days didn’t end. Grocery shopping is like watching TV: hundreds of choices but not much looks good. The more food conscious I became, the fewer choices I had. I ate food I didn’t like and wasted food all the time. Then I switched to a home delivery service. Better but expensive and before long I was again throwing out food. Yeah right, I thought when a friend told me about Vegin’ Out. One more Hollywood pitch. Then my friend fixed me dinner. I was sold. Vegin’ Out tastes good. It’s good for me. For the first time I’m not wasting food. And Vegin’ Out costs one-fourth of what I spent at the grocery store and the other delivery service. For taste or price, Vegin’ Out can’t be beat. After fourteen books, I’m truly Hungry No More.

Lian Lunson - Producer and Director

A great service to the planet and all it's inhabitants. The best way to convert your non vegan friends is to eat this food in front of them

Peter Manning Robinson - pianist and composer

I love Vegin' Out!! The food is great-the only service of its kind I've found. They are friendly, corporative, accommodating, and I highly recommend them.

McKerrin Kelly - Actress & Personal Trainer

Vegin Out has been a godsend for me! As a busy personal trainer and actor, I am often in the frustrating position of preaching healthy eating while being unable to find the time in my 18 hour days for cooking healthy organic food. Vegin Out has allowed me to practice what I preach in a delicious, easy, economical way. I feel healthier overall and even without trying, lost 5 pounds and 2% body fat in the last 3 months. I recommend your service to everyone I work with. Thanks so much for what you do!

Courtney Corvan - Make-up Artist

Vegin' Out and the guys are AMAZING!!!! Fresh, vegan food delivered to my door with a week's worth of meals??? What can be wrong about that? NOTHING!!! I actually save money with their delivery of the YUMMIEST meals and I feel so much better with increased energy, less bloat in my belly, and a general sense of well-being. I guess I would lose weight if I didn't order additional vegan cookies, but it's hard to resist! Do yourself and your body a favor and try Vegin' Out....You'll be hooked after the first week!

Ken Hamada

My name is Ken Hamada. My daughter Larisa introduced me to Vegin-Out vegan food delivery service. I am eating vegan food to improve my general health status, specifically cardiovascular disease. I have eaten strictly vegan for one year now. Previously, I have been a vegetarian and a ultra distance runner for over 30 years. Although my blood pressure and cholesterol levels have alway been low, recently when I visited my cardiologist, my blood pressure was an amazing 110/70 and my total cholesterol was 125 (No one with cholesterol level below 150 ever died of a heart attack in the Framingham Study) . Although I have never had a blood pressure/cholesterol problem, I have been taking statin and and niaspan for over 10 years to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Vegin-Out vegan food delivery service makes it much easier to stay on a vegan diet.

Christine Burke - Liberation Yoga

My very busy lifestyle and my longing for healthy delicious and reasonably priced food had never been in sync until Vegin' Out came along! Now every Monday is like a holiday with their timely deliveries, perfect packaging and wholesome ready to eat delights waiting outside my door. I feel nourished and relaxed knowing that I am being good to my body, soul and pocketbook! Vegin' Out is proof positive that life is beautiful and can even be easy sometimes.

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