Vegan Resources - Plant based vegan snacks, dental care, skincare, cosmetics, clothing & other vegan goodness

Welcome to our vegan resource page. This page is created for you with the goal to provide other vegan products and vegan services that will, hopefully, creates a balance in our lives. So we scour the web to bring you these vegan goodness.  We hope our vegan resource page will be a useful place for you to find other vegan snacks, vegan groceries, vegan food, vegan cosmetics, vegan clothing and vegan related items that you will use daily.

Do scroll to see all the vegan goodies :)

vegan gluten free organic coffee energy bar 

Eat Your Coffee? What a unique name? But seriously, need a boost for the day but don't have time to stop at a coffee shop?  Try one or two or more of these gluten free, organic, vegan coffee energy bar. Keep a stash of these at home.  It's convenient. They ship nationwide!  Order Here

vegan snacks - sugar free, gluten free, soy free, grain free, corn free, non gmo vegan snack

AshaPops  Itching for some vegan snacks but has to be healthy!  Checkout these gluten free, corn free, gmo free, sugar free, grain free, oh and soy free vegan snacks. Don't tell me I don't help you guys find good stuff.  Bring these vegan goodness to your home directly.  Ship nationwide. Comes in different exotic natural flavors: Himalayan Pink Salt, Vegan Cheese, Chili Lime & Spice & Turmeric (I like that!). Remember to click on their 15% Off box and get the code.  ORDER HERE

 macro greens, super food supplement of fruits and vegetables

MacroLife is a non-allergenic nutrient-rich super food supplement that optimizes pH for stimulant-free health and surpasses the nutrition of five servings of fruits and vegetables without the calories or carbohydrate. So, on the more serious side of life, this product's benefits listed on their website are improved digestion, increased energy, balanced blood sugar, strengthened immune system and more. Checkout their line of plant based macro green products. Use this coupon code MLNA30 for 30% OFFShip nationwide.

 Vegan dental care, whitening kit for dogs and humans 

Spa Dent Natural  This company have you covered when it comes to getting yours, your family and kids teeth looking great using cruelty free natural products. What's cool is that they also have dental products for your pooch. Checkout their products here  25% Off coupon code:  BRISKSMILE25

vegan, keto candy lollipops sugar-free, guilt-free sugar free vegan candies lollipop keto vegan candy lollipops

Zolli Candy  Sugar-free, keto friendly, gluten-free, diabetic friendly, guilt-free and mom approved candies. this company started by a kid and her father. Very cool! Not to mention their colorful and fun packaging. They offer a fun range of fruit flavors for lollipops, gummies, taffy and all kinds of other candy goodness. You have to check them out. Their products make a nice gift too. ORDER HERE

organic, healthy, non-gmo, gluten free vegan snack box vegan, organic, gluten-free, non-gmo snacks box

Urth Box  Who loves snacks? This Urth Box is a great way to get your healthy snacks in a box and conveniently shipped to your house. How cool is that!  The snacks are a mix or combination of gluten-free, non-gmo, vegan, organic, non-gmo healthy snacks. I think it's a very cool concept. Check them out. Here's a coupon for 10% Off (SNACKHAPPY10). ORDER HERE


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