Written by Ellie Lott


The Vegan lifestyle has been around since the beginning of time, and this often ridiculed movement has moved to the forefront of the food industry, silencing its haters. Even powerhouse non-vegan food companies are racing to provide vegan options in an attempt to compete in what has become a multi-billion dollar industry.

The days of vegan investors being the only ones interested in vegan stocks are long gone, and people from all walks of life are looking to cash in on this fast-growing and highly competitive space. There is little doubt that the growing success of vegan stocks will continue, and there is no better time than the present to stake your claim to a part of this growth. Selecting the best stocks is challenging in any industry. To make this easier, we looked at the hundreds of vegan stock options available today to determine the absolute cream of the crop for you.

Plant-Based Foods Are Gaining Traction
With an ever-increasing awareness of what we put in our mouths, vegan foods have gone from being a small niche in the food industry and forced their way to the mainstream. Veganism saw an astonishing increase of 600% between 2014 and 2017 in the US alone; this growth meant the demand for vegan options rose and forced industry leaders to take notice. This breakthrough into the mainstream market saw vegan food taking over supermarkets and the companies producing these options taking over the stock market.

Top 6 Vegan Stock Options
With a market evaluation of $15.4 billion in 2020, experts predict the market will grow by over $10 billion in value by 2026. Whether you’re a vegan seeking ways for your money to match your morals or if you are simply looking to invest in solid stocks with high potential returns, vegan stocks like those outlined below have a strong growth trend and may be precisely the type of stocks you are looking for:

Beyond Meat
Even those who hate golf know who Tiger Woods is; that goes for Beyond Meat too. Even the most carnivorous among us have heard the name of this leader in vegan food. This company’s growth was unstoppable pre-pandemic, and like most stocks, it took quite a hit when the pandemic started, but experts predict a strong recovery. With stocks currently being undervalued based on the decrease in demand from its over 100k restaurant partners due to
lockdowns, there has never been a better time to buy in.

Impossible Foods
If you are looking for an investment with loads of potential, Impossible Foods is worth keeping an eye on. According to Reuters, there is no option to buy in just yet, but Impossible Foods is on the verge of going public. This potential move gives a rare chance for investors who may have missed Beyond Meat’s initial surge a second chance, something almost unheard of in the stock market. If this piques your interest, then make sure you follow Impossible Foods and keep updated with news about the brand; it is unlikely a third chance will ever come around.

The Very Good Food Company
The Very Good Food Company was stuck with a small manufacturing facility and struggled to keep up with the initial demand it garnered with its wide range of vegan meats and cheeses. Despite operating under less than ideal circumstances, TVGFC grew at a rate that had investors doing a double-take. With their expansion to two new massive facilities completed, experts predict that the exponential growth will continue well into the second quarter of 2023. The potential increase in value and constantly expanding range of vegan products make The Very Good Food Company a highly sought-after stock that should not be overlooked.

Tattooed Chef
If you are looking for a hip and trendy brand with stocks selling at a deep discount, Tattooed Chef is the way to go. Tattooed Chef stocks were on fire until February when it saw a 14% drop in value that panicked some traders. This panic, however, is misplaced as experts explained the devaluation was due to a clause allowing initial investors to trade stocks at a fixed value on a predetermined date. A February trade-off scared away untrained investors as they viewed investors selling stock as a bad sign. While the numbers showed a drop in value, Tattooed Chef has, in actuality, been growing at a phenomenal rate, making its currently undervalued stocks a perfect investment. If you are looking for a hip and trendy brand with stocks selling at a discount, Tattooed Chef is the way to go.

Laird Superfood
Laird Superfood was another victim of pandemic-driven issues; the initial launch in May 2020 was expected to be highly successful, but numbers dropped dramatically due to lockdowns and lack of supermarket operations. Experts are still amazed at the almost 70% increase in value Laird Superfood saw despite the initial shaky start while facing Covid related challenges and predict an even more significant increase as things return to normal.

Hain Celestial
The only company on this list that is not an exclusively vegan company, Hai Celestial recognized the growing trend and smartly hopped on board early in 2017. The higher profit margins they have seen on their vegan lines have resulted in a shift of focus and seen Hain Celestials stock value increase dramatically over the past two years. One of the few companies that did not see a massive decline in business during the pandemic, their stocks have maintained a steady growth that makes a safe investment.

The increasing popularity of vegan food has seen vegan stocks forcefully emerge as a high-value stock option that offers good potential returns. Investing in stock can be a risky business, and it is crucial to keep updated with trends by searching stock history and current events impacting stock value. Checking a stock app list from youngandinvested.com will help you do so. Despite the challenging and volatile nature of the stock market, an educated and updated trader can stay ahead of the trends and see massive gains. Vegan stocks offer a relatively new and dynamic option for those willing to dive in, and the rewards can be life-changing; any of these six vegans stocks are an excellent investment to get you started