Going Vegan Is Paws-itively Healthier

On contrary to the belief that carnivorous animals only thrive on meat, veganism is actually really beneficial for physical and mental health of both humans and their companions. With the high raise of veggie oriented nourishment in recent years, people also turn to meatless aliments for their pets. Both cats and dogs can lead a healthy life on vegan diets, but they need to be nutritionally complete and reasonably balanced.

Proper Care For Your Furry Friend

Store-bought pet food can result rather unhealthy for cats or dogs since many factories use ground meat from diseased or dead animals and body parts not fit for human consumption. It is unknown what ends up in the pet food so actually converting your pet to plant-based is a healthier option. But this process should be carefully considered beforehand and a consultation with a pet nutritionist is recommended in order to provide the appropriate foods and amounts for your furry friend. Dogs, for instance, are able to obtain healthy nutrients from vegan substances so products like veggies, quinoa, rice or greens can form part of their menu. Rodents or birds are naturally vegan oriented so for them, this diet is easy to take in with seeds, nuts and green vegetables as the main source of necessary supplements.

The Road To Veggies

Changing the eating habits of your companion can be a challenging task. If the animal is used to store bought meat food switching to vegan should be done one step at a time. For example, you can try mixing some veggies into their food and little by little completely replace it with all vegan substances. It is advisable to feed your pets only processed food in order for them to digest it properly but finely grated raw vegetables can also form a part in their diet. Nevertheless, it is essential to be aware of your pet’s health and to observe how it copes with veganism by keeping an eye on their behavior and in cases of cats to monitor their litter boxes for signs of distress.

Meal Prep And Time Save

Fresh and organic food across the states can actually be very expensive and maintaining a vegan diet on a budget can result in a challenge especially when feeding your pet the same. But with the correct attitude, it can easily be achieved. Meal prepping over the weekend, for example, can be a time saver and provides fresh meals for the whole week with great diversity for you and your fellow animal companion. You can also opt for subscribing to a weekly delivery at work to make sure you are well nurtured during your busy schedule. In either case, prepping food in larger amounts saves both time and money and provides the liberty to mix and match meals.

The debate of whether animals can be vegans or are naturally carnivorous is a never-ending one. But it is actually proven that most animals thrive better on vegan food with their lifespan significantly rising up. Better overall health is observed and with that a happy and playful furry friend.