vegan coffee

America’s coffee culture continues to thrive, with a survey revealing that 63 percent of adults in the US drink coffee daily. The rise in numbers of young coffee drinkers has driven this growth in 2019, and despite the popularity of trendy beverages such as boba tea and milk tea, it looks like coffee is here to stay. As more consumers are prioritizing their wellness, coffee drinkers are also becoming increasingly aware of what’s in their cup and are searching for healthier ways to prepare their favorite beverage. One way to do this is to make your cup of joe vegan as it will benefit your overall health in various ways. Here’s how switching to vegan coffee can improve your well-being, and how you can make yummy vegan coffee recipes at home. 

It helps control your weight and sugar levels

Coffee, when taken without sugar or cream, has zero calories and won’t cause the numbers on your scale to creep up no matter how often you drink it. However, most coffee drinks in cafes contain unhealthy amounts of sugar that can result in weight gain over time. Consider the fact that a 16-ounce Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks contains at least 420 calories and over 16 teaspoons of sugar, and if you have a daily frappuccino habit, it can derail your weight loss goals and elevate your sugar levels in a big way.  

If you’d like to have a trim figure and get your weight under control, then drinking vegan coffee--one that isn’t made with tons of sugar-- should be on your to-do list. Instead of buying coffee from a shop, get yourself a basic French press or a cold brew coffee maker and an insulated thermos so you can make your own brew at home — all of these items, in fact, also make great gifts for coffee enthusiasts. You should also make sure to have a variety of whole or ground coffee beans so you can make different vegan coffee drinks at home.  

It’s better for digestion

Vegan dishes don’t contain any form of dairy, and people who’ve gone vegan find that their digestion has greatly improved since eschewing milk, cheese, and butter from their diet. To make your coffee vegan-friendly, replace traditional creamers with almond milk, which will add a delicious nutty taste to your cup of joe. You can also use coconut milk creamer, which is a lactose-free alternative to milk or cream that gives your coffee a rich taste. 

Try making these vegan coffee drinks at home

To make vegan coffee, start by brewing freshly-ground coffee beans in your drip coffee maker or use a French press to get the most flavor out of the beans. For a refreshing iced coffee, wait for your coffee to cool down before pouring over ice, add a teaspoon of coconut sugar and two spoonfuls of coconut milk, then mix or shake thoroughly before drinking. If you’d rather have a hot cup of Turkish coffee, heat your coffee in a saucepan, then add two pinches of cardamom, a teaspoon of coconut sugar, and allow the mixture to boil. Take it off the stove and pour into a cup, and enjoy. You can also add cinnamon to hot coffee, or a few drops of pure vanilla extract to enhance the taste of your beverage. 

Making the switch to vegan coffee can benefit your health and your waistline. Try making these coffee recipes at home and enjoy your favorite drink while maintaining your vegan lifestyle.