A staggering 99.1% of the American population are exposed to synthetic fragrances which contain harmful chemicals at least once a week, and many of these contain toxic ingredients that manufacturers are not required by law to reveal. Fortunately, there are some great alternatives to green clean your home whether you make them yourself or buy eco-friendly products. Plus, they don’t have to cost the earth, so if you want to be a vegan on a budget, then here’s some ways to clean up your kitchen without doing damage to your health or the environment.

Why green clean your kitchen?

While there are thousands of cleaning products making promises to eliminate every germ, virus and speck of dirt, their chemical ingredients can cause us harm, particularly for those with allergies and children who are more prone to the adverse side effects. In contrast, green cleaning products are usually made using sustainable practices with biodegradable products that are not tested on animals and won’t have a negative impact your health. With 70% of American streams containing laundry detergent ingredients, changing to eco-practices in the home can contribute to a safer and healthier planet for future generations.

Make your own kitchen cleaners

It's very easy to make your own non-toxic cleaning products just by simply using different combinations of vinegar, baking soda and lemon or essential oils. From cleaning everything in your kitchen such as appliances, worktops and flooring, you can make homemade solutions that are just as effective as mass marketed, toxic products. Grease, for example, can be removed by using either vinegar or baking soda to shift those stubborn spillages. Additionally, nature’s vegan ingredients will ensure they won’t leave your kitchen smelling like a science lab.

Buy certified green products

There are still hundreds of everyday products that are tested on animals, including some eco-friendly brands, but essentially most of the green varieties won’t cause any harm to your health or to animals. Choosing these types of products will ensure your kitchen is cleaned in a healthy and chemical-free way that won’t give rise to allergies or other skin irritants. If you use antibacterial soap or dishwashing liquid, swap for one without triclosan to wash hands and dishes with. In some cases, such as cleaning your oven, shop bought green products can often be more effective for eliminating all the grime.

Whether you decide to make your own kitchen cleaners or purchase an all-natural cleaning product, your chances of being exposed to long term health effects are greatly diminished, leaving you and your kitchen free from chemicals and other harmful toxins.